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Total  RF Equipment and  Solution Provider 

RF Antenna Solution

Depending on the geometrical arrangement of the radiating element, which is a key part of the antenna, the spatial element of the arrangement, the distance between the radiating elements, and the amplitude and phase of the feed signal of each radiating element, the radiation pattern required by the customer and the size and shape of the antenna beam, etc. and possesses the technology to manufacture optimized antennas in the mobile communication environment.

RF Repeaters

The antenna of a general RF repeater generates an oscillation phenomenon in which the transmitted signal returns to the input side and is amplified again if the degree of isolation is not secured, but the antenna for ICS repeater significantly improves the degree of isolation to block interference and is We have the technology to provide an optimized environment.

RF Passive Equipment

ETL offers a broad range of combiners covering L-band, IF, Broadband and C-band frequencies. Combiners can be supplied either as active or passive units and are available in a variety of sizes such as 4-way (4 inputs x 1 output), 8-way (8 inputs x 1 output), 16-way (16 inputs x 1 output) and larger.

Combiners are supplied in a 19" wide shelf with dual redundant power supplies as standard. Other options such as LNB powering, dual redundant amplifiers, 10MHz and DC Pass are also available.

Automotive Components

 We produce several types of electronic components, such as power inductor, EMI ferrite core, chip inductor, ferrite inductor, ferrite chip bead, EMI core and RF choke. Besides that, our professional engineer team provides the best technical support for customized requirements.
These components are extensively used in the information / communication / consumer product. By way of automotive electronic, projector, ADSL modem, digital camera's LCD monitor, notebook, printer, server and so on.

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