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About Us


Apricomm  Co., Ltd. mass-produces the optimal and highest quality antennas required by the market and customers through continuous research and development and continuous development investment, and provides the best service to customers through production and post-quality control.


Based on its position in the domestic market, it has overseas customers such as the United States, Italy, and Israel, and based on this management philosophy, it is developing into a global antenna specialist.


Skilled and accumulated manufacturing capabilities based on long experience in the field of antennas and RF devices are still gaining trust from many customers with excellent quality control of commercial products, and sector antennas that can provide an optimized communication environment in line with the 5G market response. We are a professional manufacturer of in-building antennas.


Apricomm Co., Ltd. is the only company in Korea that has a non-stop solution for developing and supplying antennas requested by customers, such as its own research institute, production line, logistics warehouse, and logistics transport vehicle..


Founded in 1977, a company specializing in RF device development and manufacturing with 45 years of experience in the same industry

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